Rerelease: Hood Rich

November 7, 200918,455 Comments

I’ve been digging through the archives while putting up this site and I’ve decided to release all the old movies we’ve made over the years, starting with “Hood Rich” to celebrate an early opening at Timberline today. Then every weekend for the next month we will bring you a full length old flick to watch and download including “Riders of the Lost Park”, “Curse of the Dirty Lens”, “Dirty Old Men” all the way back to “Traveling Tortillas” our first DVD! So here is “Hood Rich” it was our 2007 snowboarding project with Northern Alliance Snowboard Shop. A short parody intro, themed around the life of the “baller” pro snowboarders. Starring some of Mt. Hood’s finest shredders Corey Noble, Johnnie Paxson, Matt Guess and many others!

Hood Rich: Get Rich or Ride Trying from Premonition Films on Vimeo.

Download ipod/iphone version here

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